Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Paleo” mean? *

The Paleo “diet” is often called a fad diet, but it really isn’t! All it means to eat “paleo” is to do your best job to eat as humans ate for most of our history. Stick to whole, unprocessed foods that would have been foraged/hunted before widespread farming and processing. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and eggs, fish, and meats are part of this plan. Try to source grass fed proteins and organics when possible.

Okay, then what does “Primal” mean?

Primal means basically the same thing as Paleo, except the Primal eating includes grass fed dairy.

What’s not okay to eat on either eating plan?

Both plans cut out: processed grains, refined sugars (raw honey is fine), industrial oils -soybean, canola, palm, “vegetable”.

Are these “diets” ?

I don’t consider these “diets” as much as health blueprints. I don’t claim that paleo or primal eating will cure diseases, but it returns you to a more optimal eating style for the human body. We weren’t meant to eat engineered food-like substances. We were meant to eat whole foods.

Why would I want to eat in a Paleo or Primal style?

I personally use a lower carb, higher fat primal eating style to keep my hormones balanced, maintain a healthy weight, clear skin, and steady energy.

Can you be vegan or vegetarian and still eat Paleo or Primal?

You can, although it’s harder. Vegetarians can use eggs (grass fed, free range if possible) as a significant protein source. Vegans will need to use nut butters and possibly add things such as pea protein.

What does LCHF mean?

LCHF means low carb/high fat. It’s a diet/lifestyle that trains your body to burn fat for energy instead of sugars. Following a LCHF paleo diet means cutting down (not eliminating) the fruits and higher carb vegetables and making sure to have a good amount of healthy fats — good oils, grass fed butter and cream, etc.

Why would I want to eat a LCHF diet?

I find that when my body runs on fat instead of sugars, I have more even energy, clearer skin, better sleep, and I find myself much less hungry between meals.

What are some in-depth resources?

These are books I’ve found helpful explaining both health and weight loss in relation to diet. These are not affiliate links or sponsored products. Simply books I’ve read and keep for resources:

The Primal Blueprint

The Obesity Code

The Perfect Human Diet (film)

The Paleo Diet Revised

The  Paleo Cure

Wheat Belly

Grain Brain


*Disclaimer: I’m not a physician. I have based these answers only on my research and my personal experiences. Please consult a doctor before any significant dietary changes.


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